F/A-18 News – 11.11.2016

Es ist weiterhin ruhig um heiß erwertete Modul der F/A-18. Die aktuellen News geben leider nicht viel her.


"As with the DCS World 2.5 update, it was also decided last week that the Hornet Early Access will be pushed beyond our original desire to release by the end of this year. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we are now very busy coding the various cockpit systems and flight dynamics. However, as this work continues and we acquire new information, the level of complexity has become more apparent and it will take more time than first estimated.

When we do have significant news on the project to share, we will certainly do so. Once the Early Access for this project goes into pre-purchase, we will announce its release date then."

The Eagle Dynamics Team


Hier News von Wags vom 11.08.2016: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2871762&postcount=42

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