DCS Mirage F1 – 21.05.2016

Das Aviodev-Team ist fleißig und sie machen ihre Sache genau. Das 3D-Modell, welches inzwischen in die Jahre gekommen ist, wird komplett erneuert. Ein Release-Datum steht aber noch in den Sternen.

Laufende News sind auch auf der Facebookseite von Aviodev zu finden:

After release the last picture of our F1EE, we realized we were not happy with the 3D model. That model was started years ago and had some problems from the beginning, making to reverse the situation very complicated. So we take a long breath and we decided to throw the model to the bin, and start from the scratch. That means a lot of hours wasted, but C-101 and Mirage F1 are very special aircrafts for us and we just didn't wanted to continue a way where we won't feel comfortable. So the modeller has been working hard the last weeks starting with new F1EE and F1BE.

Now we can say with no doubt, it's the best decision we could be take. Still very WIP but a big step forward.

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